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Fixing California DWC EAMS website login and other issues with Microsoft Edge
IE Enterprise Mode Site List for California DWC EAMS website

Fixing California DWC EAMS website login and other issues with Microsoft Edge

If you are having issues logging into the EAMS website or if there areas of the EAMS website not working as expected this support doc could help.

A couple of details to note: EAMS only works in Internet Explorer, parts of the EAMS website uses JAVA and JAVA only works in Internet Explorer. Now that Microsoft has done "end of life" for IE (Internet Explorer) you are forced to use Microsoft Edge because Edge is the only browser that has a functionality called Internet Explorer Mode (it simulates Internet Explorer). There are some settings you need to do to Edge to get it to work with EAMS.

Add two urls to Internet Explorer mode pages

Go to Edge's settings, then go to Default browser. Here you need to change the setting: Allow site to be reloaded in Internet Explorer mode (IE mode), change to to Allow.

Next, right below the above setting you need to add two urls to the list.

Make sure you have JAVA installed.

Go to Java's website and download, then install JAVA.

Something to note is that Edge will automatically expire these entries you just added within 30 days. So you must add these back every 30 days manually by following same steps that were outlined on this page. If you want a more permanent solution, good news there is one but it's a little more complicated (just follow the steps, you can do it). Here is the link to our next article which details how to accomplish this. IE Enterprise Mode Site List for DWC's EAMS website

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